Map of Oxfordshire by Robert Morden


Framed antique double-page folio copperplate engraved map of Oxfordshire by Robert Morden, from Camden's Britannia (1695–1772), with later handcolouring. Centre fold as issued, but no darkening.

Robert Morden (c.1650–1703) was an English and maker of maps and globes. He was one of the first successful commercial map makers, as well as being a bookseller, publisher, and globe-maker.

Britannia is one of the best known 17th- and 18th-century atlases of the British Isles. It was originally published in Latin in 1586 by William Camden; four editions of the atlas subsequently translated by Gibson were published in 1695, 1722, 1753, and 1772, each accompanied by Robert Morden's maps. The 3rd and 4th editions are the scarcer of the Gibson editions, as they do not suffer the thin, brittle paper on which the 1st-edition maps were published. On the 1695 edition of this map the village of Forest Hill is spelt 'Forris Hill'; this was then corrected to 'Forrest Hill' in 1722, but one can still see the dot of the altered 'i'.

Frame Measurements: 25.5" High by 22.5" Wide.  Visible Image Measurements: 17" High by 14.5" Wide. Not examined out of frame.

DIMENSIONS: 25.50" H x 22.50" W
YEAR: 1722–1772
CONDITION: Excellent Condition
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