Le Keux Print, 'The Castle and the Mill'


Antique steel engraving 'The Castle and the Mill', drawn and engraved by J. H. Le Keux (1812–96) and published by J. H. Parker, Oxford Nov 1st 1856. This was the image used for the Oxford Almanack of 1857. Prints for this year are comparatively rare.

The central image is of the 12th century St George's Tower, tallest of the towers in the Oxford Castle first begun by the Norman baron Robert D'Oyly after the Norman conquest. In time Henry III turned part of the castle into a prison, specifically to incarcerate recalcitrant academics from the university.

Frame Measurements:  19.5" High by 22.5" Wide.

Visible Image Measurements:  11" High by 14" Wide.

DIMENSIONS: 19.50" H x 22.50" W
YEAR: Guaranteed over 100 years old.
CONDITION: A small amount of water damage to the bottom left hand corner. Please see photographs.
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